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These records have been transcribed from microfiches.   The originals appear to have been hand written by the Rectors of the day, i.e. Benjamin Preedy (1775-1796), his son James Preedy (1796-1799) and L.J. Vigoureux (1799-1825).   They were written on plain paper or parchment and in some cases are somewhat difficult to decipher due to fading of the ink and the style of handwriting.   No actual ages are mentioned nor places of Abode given,  as in the later Burial Registers.   The entries are not numbered and appear in chronological order - almost in the style of a diary.

The order of the words has been arranged so that the Surname appears at the beginning, thus making it possible to arrange them alphabetically.

SURNAME  Frist names Burial dateNotes
BROWNWilliamJanuary 4thA Youth  Receiver of Alms
GAMMAGERichardJanuary 6thA Youth
ELLIOTTRichard JacksonJanuary 13thAn infant
DIXONJaneJanuary 27thWife of John Rec. of Alms
MALINThomasMarch 11thHusb. of Mary Rec. of Alms
WHITEElizabethMarch 29thWife of James White
SPENCERHarriott (Lady)April 8thDau of George John lst Earl*
ANDERSONThomasMay 19thAn infant  Receiver of Alms
ELLIOTTJosephMay 31stHusb. of Eliz. Rec of Alms
HUGHESMaryJune 16thA Young Girl
CAPELGeorgeJune 30thHusb. of Eliz. Rec. of Alms
TREDGOLDJohnJuly 9thAn Infant
PLOWMANWilliamJuly 14thWidower and ? to Earl Spencer
ELLIOTTJohnJuly 21stFarmer. Husb. of Eliz.Elliott
WEBBJohnAugust 27thAn infant
EARLMarthaOctober 7thSingle woman Receiver of Alms
TANDYElizabethOctober 16thWidow  Receiver of Alms
STOWJohnOctober 23rdAn Infant
HAWGOODMaryOctober 23rdA Young Woman
FROMONTMaryDecember 1stAn infant Receiver of Allms
TAYLERJaneDecember 18thWife of Philip Rec. of Alms
ENGLANDThomasDecember 25thAn Infant  Receiver of Alms
MALINMaryDecember 31stA Widow  Receiver of Alms

*  The Lady Harriott Spencer, Daughter of George John Earl Spencer and Lavinia Countess Spencer was buried in a coffin faced with Velvet for which the forfeiture was paid and one half distributed to the poor of this Parish.