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SURNAMEFirst NamesAbodeWhen BuriedAgeNotes
HOWEYRonald GeorgeLt. BringtonFebruary 17th87#404 T
BILLINGHAMJackGt. BringtonMarch 13th1 day#405 +
TREADGOLDFrank MastersLong BuckbyMarch 25th67#406 +
BELLAMYLionel Gale 'Bill'Gt. BringtonMarch 27th85#407 T31
DAVIESEvan OwenLt. BringtonApril 20th 87#408 CR CP 
DOBBSPamela ClariceLower HarlestoneApril 26th 68#409 +
FOTHERGILLIan LedgardLt. BringtonJuly 29th71#410 CR CP
JEANSDeborahNorthamptonAugust 26th41#411 CR CP
ROBERTSONJoan MargaretTowcesterOctober 5th89#412 + CR
HADLEYHilda JoanNorthamptonDecember 10th88#413 + CR CP

#    Denotes Entry Number in the Current Burial Register

CR   Cremated Remains

CP   Cremation Plot - Between the Main Pathway and South wall of the churchyard.

T     Triangular Plot - Between the Lych Gate and the East Gate.

*    Ronald George Howey's Abode is shown as Little Brington.   He died on the 25th January, 2009 aged 86 years.   His wife Hylda May Howey #331 died in 1993 following an accident while on holiday in France.   Hylda's Maiden Name was Williams and her family lived at the Forge in Little Brington.   Ronald and Hylda are interred in the same grave which is located beside the main pathway not far from where the smaller path leads to the Lych Gate.   A short distance away, but on the other side of the path, look for a child's Gravestone surmounted by a small white stone cross.   It bears the name of their son, David John Howey, who died in 1949 at the tender age of  5 years 11months.

*    Baby Jack Billingham's parents live in Hamilton Lane, Great Brington.  Jack was born "asleep" on the 12th February, 2009.   His tiny grave is in the middle of the original churchyard.  No headstone has been erected yet, but his name can be found on the wooden cross accompanied by flowers and a small toy windmill which rarely ceases to turn.   A few yards away is a group of three small headstones dating from the early 1600's.    In early Spring snowdrops carpet the ground.  A little later on, primroses add a touch of colour, followed by daffodils.   This has to be one of the most peaceful places to sleep in "God's Acre".

*    Frank Masters Treadgold's Abode is shown as 16, South Close, Long Buckby.   He passed away on the 15th March, 2009 and was buried in the same grave as his mother, Mrs. Florence Ivy Bradshaw,#385 who died in 2006.    Their grave is located in the centre section of the original churchyard, which is now being re-used.   No headstone has been erected yet, but a wooden marker cross bears the name of Mrs. Bradshaw.

*    Lionel Gale Bellamy, always known as "Bill" lived in "Beard's Cottage and before that he and his wife Anne had moved into the village and set up home very close to the church. It was known as Folly House.   Prior to the 1950's Folly House was always known as Spencer Cottage.    From its garden one could enjoy not only magnificent views of the church tower and clock, but beautiful views of the open countryside in the direction of East Haddon.    During his time at Brington, Bill Bellamy raised thousands of pounds for various Charities.   The annual Village Fete was resurrected and held in his orchard and became a popular feature of the Brington calendar.   His garden at Beard's Cottage was also opened as part of the National Garden Scheme.     He passed away at the age of 85 on 18th March, 2009. and was interred in the same grave as his first wife, Anne Gillian Bellamy #369.   The headstone bearing both of their names can be found in the Triangular plot   It is the second grave from the main pathway on the third row.

*    Evan Owen Davies  Abode is shown as Steeple Hill, Little Brington.   Prior to that he farmed in Little Brington at Waydale Farmm which was very close to the Old Forge.   In the days of black and white television, Evan and his wife and children featured in a BBC weekly broadcast from the farm, which covered most of the typical farming year.   Today Waydale Farm House no longer serves the purpose for which it was built in Victorian times.   It has become a private residence and its complex of red brick barns and stables have been converted into houses.   Evan passed away on the 17th December, 2008.   His Cremated Remains have been interred in the Cremation Plot.
A Memorial Plaque has been affixed to the wall above bearing the simple inscription
EVAN OWEN DAVIES  1921 - 2008.

*    Pamela Clarice Dobbs's Abode is shown in the Register as Mill View, Lower Harlestone.   For several years she had been a member of the Spencer Benefice Choir and had sung in Brington Church on many occasions.   She had a great love for the atmosphere and history of St. Mary's and had requested that after her passing she would like to be laid to rest in the Churchyard.   She died on 18th April, 2009.   Her grave is situated in the centre section of the old churchyard, close to the Oak tree.