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SURNAMEFirst NamesAbodeWhen BuriedAgeNotes
SHAEFFERLinda GonnelliGt. BringtonMay 27th 200861#392 T62
MARRIOTTMargaret GraceGt. BringtonJune 18th 200877#393
DENT nee WrightMaryAustralia18 June,2008-#394 CR
WADDYEthelLt. BringtonJuly 16, 2008100#395 CR CP69C

#    Denotes Entry Number in the Current Burial Register

CR   Cremated Remains

CP   Cremation Plot - Between the Main Pathway and South wall of the churchyard.

T     Triangular Plot - Between the Lych Gate and the East Gate.   Please note the reference "T62" etc is not an official number, but purely an aid to identify the location of a known grave site on this Website.

*    Linda Gonnellli Shaeffer's Abode was "The Old Bull Pen", Hamilton Lane, Great Brington.   This house was created from a former farm building, which was part of the complex belonging to Birchfield Farm.   In fact the name of the house describes perfectly,  its purpose within the farmyard.   It stands beside the road to Little Brington almost at the foot of Back Lane.   Linda and her husband Gary, both originally from the United States made this their home for many years.   During that time they both gave a lot of their free time to projects within the village and especially towards raising funds for St. Mary's Church and singing in the choir..  Linda passed away on the 14th May, 2008.  At her funeral, the church was full to capacity.   Stirring music and readings reflected her links to the United States and the comparison was made with the Washington family moving to America and the Shaeffers making the same journey in reverse.   Linda's grave is easy to locate.   It lies almost at the tip of the Triangular plot, near the East Gate.   Carved at the top of the headstone are two flags - the Stars & Stripes and the Union flag. 

*    Margaret Grace Marriott's Abode is shown in the Register as Bedford Cottages, Whilton Road, in Great Brington.   The house is almost opposite to "Beard's Cottage". Her husband John Marriott,died 29th March, 1962 aged only 29 years.   Margaret remained a widow for 46 years.   She passed away 7th June, 2008 aged 77.   For many years she helped to look after her mother-in-law, Daisy Alice Marriott,#390,  who died in 2007 at the age of 99 years.   Rather like, Linda above, Margaret gave a great time of her time to helping at the church.   Before Remembrance Sunday, she could be seen with her tray of red poppies and collecting box raising money for the British Legion.  As a point of interest the name of John Marriott  can be seen on the War Memorial.   He fought in France in World War I, came back to England badly injured and died as a result of his wounds.   His grave, with an official War Grave headstone can be found near the North East corner of the churchyard.   Click on "War Memorial" to the left of this page to see details.   This John Marriott was a grandfather of Margaret's husband John.   Margaret's entry # in the Current Burial Register is #393 and her grave is situated at almost the end of the second from last row, running parallel with the wooden railing at the East end of the Church.  John, her husband, is interred in the same grave and the headstone bears his name (Margaret's has not yet been added), however, when compiling this website it was  discovered that John's burial was not recorded at the time of his burial in 1962.   It is hoped that despite a lapse of nearly 50 years, this error can be rectified.

*    Mary Dent,  (nee Wright)  passed away in Australia  Her family had originally come from the Brington area and she requested that part of her Cremated Remains be brought back to England and interred in St. Mary's Churchyard   One of her relatives, who still lives in Northampton, remembers as a boy sitting on a field gate looking over the churchyard and being told that a certain spot was where his grandmother was buried.   The gate was removed some years ago on the road leading down from the back of the church to Althorp.   We were able to find a gravestone bearing the name of Wright, but there was no certain way of checking that this was in fact the right Wright. On 18th June , 2008,  Mary Dent's ashes were buried close to the spot and flowers were laid.   Since then, a small rose bush has been planted to mark the spot but no headstone has so far been erected.  The actual date of her death and age at the time is not recorded.  If the rose fails to thrive then there will be no way to check upon the final resting place of Mary Dent.

Ethel Hunter Waddy and her husband Doctor Francis Fisher Waddy had lived in both Great and Little Brington.   They arrived first in Great Brington with their two sons and lived in the Old Rectory, next to St. Mary's church     They later moved to Little Brington and lived in Pine Court, not far from the former Baptish Chapel.   Dr. Waddy#322,  died in 1991 and his wife, Ethel passed away,  at the age of 100 years,  on 30th December, 2006.   Their Cremated Remains were interred in the special Cremation Plot and both have their own Memorial  Plaques attached to the wall. C9A & C9C.