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SURNAMEFirst NamesAbodeWhen BuriedAgeNotes
THREADGOLDJohn WilliamNorthamptonFebruary 19th93#386 T
TETLEYAnne ElizabethLt. Bringtond. February 21st90#403 CR CP C2A
VILLIERSMayNorthamptond. May 10th 91#402 CR
GEORGEPeter AlanGt. BringtonSeptember 21st69#387 +
AYLINGCharles FrederickLt. BringtonSeptember 27th73#388 +
KIMBELLJohn Eaton PhilipGt. BringtonOctober 15th72#389 +
MARRIOTTDaisy AliceGt. BringtonNovember 6th99#390 T
BEARDDouglasDustonNovember 14th89#391 +
KEONDorothy Jean
Gt. BringtonDecember 21st82#414 T

#    Denotes Entry Number in the Current Burial Register
CR   Cremated Remains
CP   Cremation Plot - Between the Main Pathway and South wall of the churchyard.
T     Triangular Plot - Between the Lych Gate and the East Gate.  

+    Denotes that grave is situated in the re-used centre section of the original churchyard.

John William Threadgold's Abode is listed as Argyle House Nursing Home,Northampton.  
 He was always known as 'Bill'    For many years he farmed in Great Brington at Dairy Farm, which is almost opposite to the Stone Cross by the Church.  'Bill' passed away on the 10th February, 2007 aged 93. His wife Mildred Threadgold, #309, died 6th November, 1985 aged 73.   Their grave is beside the pathway leading to the Lychgate.

Peter Alan George's Abode is shown as The Stables, Hamilton Lane, Great Brington.  which was formerly part of Birchfield Farm and had been farmed by the Threadgolds, (see previous note).   Alan died on the 21st September, 2009 aged 69.   His love of flying is reflected in the inscription,  which can be found  on the back of his gravestone.
           "Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
     And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings"

 His grave is located in the centre section of the re-used original churchyard.

Charles Frederick Ayling lived at 8 Swedish Cottages, Little Brington.  He was aged 73, when he passed away on 18th September, 2007.   His grave is lovingly cared for by his widow and family and is always a mass of beautiful flowers.   It is located in the centre section of the original churchyard, not far from the oak tree.

*   John Eaton Philip Kimbell's Abode was 30, Great Brington.   Here he had spent most of his married life with his wife Millicent and their four daughters, Helen, Ruth, Anita and Sarah.  John had been born a few hundred yards away at 'New Cross Farmhouse,   He was the youngest of four children born to John and Sally Kimbell.   A tragic car accident in 1935,  meant that his mother became a widow when John was only six weeks old.   Farming became the interest of his life and latterly gardening, especially at Coton Manor, where evidence of his labours are still in existence.   He was 72 years old when he died on the 7th of October, 2007.   His grey marble gravestone lies in the shelter of the young oak tree in the centre section of the original churchyard.  A sheaf of wheat is engraved at the top of stone.

Daisy Alice Marriott lived many, many years at 53, Main Street, Great Brington.   Her husband Eustace Marriott, #350, had worked on the Althorp Estate.   He died in March, 1997.   Daisy lived for another 10 years before passing away on 24th October, 2007,  one week short of receiving a Birthday Card from the Queen for her 100th Birthday!   Eustace and Daisy are interred in the same grave in the Triangular Plot.  No headstone has so far been erected, but the grave is marked by a small wooden cross, bearing Eustaces name,  not far from the garden seat near to the Lych Gate.

* Douglas Beard's Abode was Duston.   He grew up in Great Brington with his parents and sister Eileen Vera Beard.   The surname Beard can be found in old village records, however, with the death of "Dougie" on 7th November, 2007, at the age of 89 the name no longer exists in Brington, except in the name of the house, which was renamed "Beards Cottage".   It stands proudly on the corner of Whilton Road and the end of Back Lane.  Look for the large cedar of Lebanon standing at the corner of the garden.   For many years Lewis (Lou) Beard had a tailor's shop where he would sit cross legged atop the long polished bench.   He was a quietly spoken man and rather gentle in manner.   His speciality was making bespoke jodhpurs for members of the Pytchley Hunt as well as for Officers stationed at the Equitation School in Weedon.   To reach the latter, he had to cycle down or up some very steep hills and cycle gears had probably not been invented in those days.    He often felt in need of a booster to give him better propulsion, but this often meant that he would add time to the journey by snoozing in a ditch, having fallen from his bike.  Lewis Beard #241, died in 1960, his wife Annie Beard, who passed away January 28th, 1963 aged 79  and Eileen Vera Beard, "Dougie's" sister, #177 died in 1950.   They are all buried in separate graves at the Eastern end of the churchyard.  Annie Beards burial has not been recorded in the current Burial Register.   However, her gravestone can be seen at the end of the second row from the railings at the East end of the churchyard.  

*    May Villiers died on the 10th May, 2007, aged 91 years.   Her Abode is shown in the Burial Register as Northampton, but no street name has been entered.   It was her wish that her Cremated Remains be buried in the grave of Charles Goude, died December 17, 1927 and his wife Charlotte Goude #196, who died February 23rd 1952, aged 89.   A separate memorial stone lies at the foot of the headstone, which is located near the North East corner of the Churchyard.

*    Anne Elizabeth Tetley, nee Heygate, died  21 February, 2007 Aged 90.   Having moved with her husband Peter from Nobottle, they bought Rose Tree Farm House, in Little Brington.   Peter Francis Tetley, died 10th December, 1996 Aged 86.   Their Cremated Remains are interred in the special Cremation Plot and a photograph of the Memorial Plaque can be found at CP C2A.