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SURNAMEFirst NamesAbodeWhen BuriedAgeNotes
ANDREWJohnNorthampton13th November,200686#383 T63
MATTINGLYBrenda MaryLt. BringtonDecember 6th82#384 T58
BRADSHAWFlorence IvyDaventryDecember95#385 +

#    Denotes Entry Number in the Current Burial Register
T     Triangular Plot - Between the Lych Gate and the East Gate.   Please note the reference "T63" etc is not an official number, but purely an aid to identify the location of a known grave site on this Website.

*    John Thomas Andrew, was always known as "Jack".   He passed away on the 4th November, 2006, aged 86   His Abode has been listed in the Register as Cedarwood Nursing Home, Kettering Road, Northampton.   Prior to this he lived  with his wife Winnie at 3, The Green, Great Brington and before that when first married,  they lived in one of the thatched cottages, which used to stand where Yew Tree House is now on the Main Street.   His wife Winifred Elizabeth Andrew died  on the 18th March, 2004 aged 82.   Their grave within the Triangle,  is just a short distance from the East Gate and the garden seat.    At the moment (2010) there is no headstone marking its position, however, two small wooden crosses side-by-side, should help you to locate the spot.  See photo T.63.

Brenda Mary Mattingly *    Brenda Mary Mattingly passed away on the 23rd November, 2006 aged 82 years.   She lived with her husband Dr. Stephen Mattingly in Little Brington.   Her final resting place is within the Triangle a short distance from the East Gate.   A photo of her headstone and inscription can be found at T58.

*  +  Florence Ivy Kate Bradshaw died  on the 21st November, 2006   Her Abode in the Burial Register is shown as The Grange, Daventry, however, her home had been Brington for many years.   Her grave is in the newly re-used section of the original Churchyard.   In 2009, her son Frank Masters Treadgold #406 died at 16, South Close, Long Buckby aged 66.   His body was interred with that of his mother in the original churchyard.   Eventually, photographs of all these memorials will be published on this website.