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SURNAMEFirst NamesAbodeWhen BuriedAgeNotes
KNIBBSFr. Norman VivianLong BuckbyJuly 5th74#368 T55 *
BELLAMYAnne GillianGt. BringtonAugust 2nd72#369 T31 *
BARNARDRichard Gerald CliftBramptonNovember75#370 T54 *

#  Denotes Entry Number in the Current Burial Register

T     Triangular Plot - Between the Lych Gate and the East Gate.   Please note the reference "T2" etc is not an official number, but purely an aid to identify the location of a known grave site on this Website.

*   Fr. Norman Vivian Knibbs' Abode is shown as Long Buckby.   He was Rector at St. Mary's, Gt. Brington with Whilton & Norton from 1979-1992 and his signature appears frequently within this Current Burial Register.   He passed away on the 28th June, 200l and was interred in the Triangular Plot close to the main pathway.   His headstone located near to the East Gate, is very easy to locate.   It is the only stone facing West, rather than the rising sun in the East.   Apparently former clergy are supposed to keep an eye on their flock!

*   Anne Gillian Bellamy lived for many years at Folly House (formerly Spencer Cottage) and then for a few years at Beards Cottage, both on Whilton Road, in Great Brington.   She passed away on 29th July, 2001 and her grave is situated close to the main pathway of the Triangular Plot, T.31.   In March 2009, her husband Capt. Lionel Gale "Bill" Bellamy #407  died and was laid to rest in the same grave.

*   Richard Gerald Clift Barnard's Abode is shown in the Register as Brampton.   Formerly he lived in Little Brington at Manor Farm, near to the old Forge.    Richard Barnard designed the double etched glass doors, depicting St. Mary and St. John, at the entrance to the porch on the South side of the church.    For several years he entered names in the Book of Remembrance.   His grave and headstone are to be found at T54.