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SURNAMEFirst NamesAbodeWhen buriedAgeNotes
SUMMERFORDAda LouiseNorthamptonMarch 18th87#334 CR CP C10B *
WOODMargaret EmilyNorthamptonMarch 23rd73#335  T.40  *
TURLANDVera WinifredLt. BringtonApril 8th78#336   T.39 *
ARCHERGladysDustonApril 27th90#337  T.30  *
MARRIOTTIvy LouisaGt. BringtonJune 2nd87#338  T.38  *
STUARTAlexanderGeorgeNobottleJuly 12th87#339 CR CP C7A*
BRAMHALDKaiLt. BringtonAugust 25th20#340  T.37  *
SPOKESThomasHarpoleDecember 19th83 ?# None CR CP C6A *

#      Denotes Entry Number in the Current Burial Register

CR   Cremated Remains

CP   Cremation Plot - Between the Main Pathway and South wall of the churchyard.

T     Triangular Plot - Between the Lych Gate and the East Gate.   Please note the reference "T40" etc is not an official number, but purely an aid to identify the location of a known grave site on this Website.

*Ada Louise Summerford died in Northampton General Hospital on the 11th March, 1994. The current Burial Register states that her Abode was 'sometime of Brington'.   Her ashes were interred in the special Cremation Plot and her Memorial Plaque is depicted at C10B.

Margaret Emily Wood 'Madge' was a daughter of Mr Herbert #267 and Mrs. Amy#268  Redley, whose grave is located beside the main pathway, very close to the East Gate.  Madge, as she was known died on the 9th March, 1994 and is buried in the Triangular Plot (next to her sister, May Christine Porter #376) and in the same grave as her husband, George Wood #361, who died in September, 1999.  A photograph of their headstone is shown at T40.

Vera Winifred Turland's Abode is shown as 2 Council Houses, Little Brington.  She passed away on the 1st April, 1994 and is interred in the Triangular Plot, see Photo T39  Her husband Alfred Turland #345 died in 1996 and is buried in the same grave.

Gladys Archer's Abode is given as 47, Eastfield Rd, Duston, Northampton.   She passed away on the 19th April, 1994.   Her husband, Dudley Archer, died 10 years later on 1st June, 2004.   He was born on 28th July, 1901.  His lifespan was 2 months short of 103 years, thus making him the oldest person to have been laid to rest in St. Mary's churchyard.   These dates are recorded on their headstone, which is located alongside the main pathway, a photo and copy of the inscription can be found at T30.

Ivy Louisa Marriott lived in Great Brington at 1, Bedford Cottages on the Whilton Road.She died on the 25th May, 1994, aged 87 years.   Her husband Henry Thomas Marriott (Harry)  passed away 30th December, 1997.   His funeral was held in January 1998 and is listed as #354   Their gravestone is located in the Triangular Plot, see Photo T38.

Alexander George Stuart's Abode is listed as Nobottle.   He passed away 5th July, 1994 and his wife Margaret Rose Stuart 2nd May, 2000.   Their two memorial plaques can be found attached to the wall of the Cremation Plot.   Photos can be seen at C7A and C7B.

Kai Bramhald lived in Little Brington.  His life came to a tragic end as a result of a motorcycle accident on the road to East Haddon.   He was only 20 years of age.   His gravestone is located in the middle of the Triangular Plot and it is unique.  A motorbike is engraved into the stone as well as a touching inscription "May the road rise up to meet you.   May the wind be always at your back"  A photo can be found at T37.

*     Thomas Spokes was a very popular farmer and well known in the county.  He lived for many years in Little Brington at the large farmhouse at Church Farm almost in the shadow of the spire of St. John's Church.   During World War II he was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Home Guard ("Dad's Army") formed by men of all ages from the Parish.   For some reason or other, his name was omitted from the Current Burial Register and it has been added at the foot of Page 43, signed by James Richardson, Priest-in-charge.   Hence no official Entry Number.   His Cremated Remains were laid to rest in the special Cremation Plot, and his Memorial Plaque is shown at C6A.   On the other side of the main pathway, a lime tree has been planted to his memory, but no plaque is evident.   His wife Nancy Margaret Spokes, always known as 'Peggy', died in 2004.   Her Ashes were interred next to Tom's in the Cremation Plot.  Her Memorial Plaque is C6B.