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SURNAMEFirst NamesAbodeWhen buriedAgeNotes
STEWARTWalter AllanLt. BringtonJanuary 7th93#327CR CP C11B *
OAKLEYEric Andrew Lt. BringtonJanuary 24th4 mon.#328 T18 *
CLIFTONEllen AnnieGt. BringtonJanuary 29th101 yrs#329 T17 *
TANKBarbara MayLong BuckbyJuly 29th84#330 T10 *
HOWEYHylda MayLt. BringtonJuly 30th73#331 T16 *
RYANAloysius FrancisNobottleSeptember 13th62#332 T42 *
PORTERDennisGt. BringtonNovember 10th70#333 T41 *

#      Denotes Entry Number in the Current Burial Register

CR   Cremated Remains

CP   Cremation Plot - Between the Main Pathway and South wall of the churchyard.

T     Triangular Plot - Between the Lych Gate and the East Gate.   Please note the reference "T18" etc is not an official number, but purely an aid to identify the location of a known grave site on this Website.

*    Walter Allan Stewart's Abode is shown as Steeplehill, Little Brington.   He passed away on the 28th December, 1992, but because his ashes were laid to rest in the special Cremation Plot on the 7th January, his name appears in the Burial Register under 1993.    A photograph of his Memorial Plaque can be seen, C11B and that of his wife, Jessie C11A (d. 1981) 

*    Eric Andrew Charles Oakley's Abode is shown as The Lodge, Little Brington.   He died on the 20 January, 1993 aged only 4 months.   His tiny grave and headstone, T18.  bearing the short story of his life '27 Sept 1992 - 20 Jan 1993 and touching inscription "You took so little yet gave so much" causes the reader to pause and reflect.   Especially so, when you happen to notice the age on the adjoining grave .... 101 years.

*    Ellen Annie Clifton's Abode is given as The Grange, Daventry, she formerly lived for a very long time, with her husband Len, in the end cottage of the row containing the Post Office in Great Brington.  Mr. and Mrs Clifton were very well known not only in the Bringtons, but many of the surrounding villages.   They had a rather ancient van with wooden slatted sides that rolled up to reveal everything one would expect to find in a Hardware shop.   They stored their supplies in a large thatched barn, which in earlier days had housed stables.   It stood at the end of the present-day car park for the Reading Room.  Mrs. Clifton died in her 102nd year and her grave lies next to that of little Eric Oakley, referred to above.   A photograph of the headstone in the Triangular Plot is numbered T17.   I have not been able to trace the whereabouts of a memorial or entry in the Current Burial Register for Mr. Len Clifton.

*    Barbara May Tank's Abode is shown as 3, Ryehill Close, Long Buckby.   At one time she had lived with her husband, William Charles, and family in Little Brington.   She passed away on the 25th July, 1993 and was laid to rest in the grave of her husband #306.   The headstone is located by the small path leading to the Lychgate, see T10. 

*    Hylda May Howey's (nee Williams) Abode is shown as 5, Little Brington. She died as a result of an accident in France whilst on holiday on the 15th July, 1995.   Her gravestone stands in the Triangular Plot next to the main pathway T16.   Her husband,  Ronald George Howey, # 404, who died the 25th January, 2009 has been laid to rest in the same grave.   A new photograph of the headstone will be taken soon and published on this site.

*    Aloysius Francis Ryan lived at No. 9, Nobottle.  His headstone is T42.

*    Dennis Porter's Abode is shown as 3, The Pound, Great Brington. He died 3 Nov 1993.   His wife Christine May Porter (nee Redley) died 16 June, 2004 and was laid to rest in the same grave.   The headstone T41 is located very close to the Lychgate. The grave of May's sister, Madge Wood # is situated in the adjoining position T.40.