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SURNAMEFirst NamesAbodeWhen buriedAgeNotes
HEPTONBertram EdwinGt. BringtonJune 15th77#316  T.25 *
THREADGOLDLucy ElizabethGt. BringtonAugust 15th84#317  T.24 *
DIXGraham JohnNorthamptonNovember 9th54#318  T.23 *

#      Denotes Entry Number in the Current Burial Register

T     Triangular Plot - Between the Lych Gate and the East Gate.   Please note the reference "T25" etc is not an official number, but purely an aid to identify the location of a known grave site on this Website.


*    Bertram Edwin Hepton's Abode is shown as 73, Whilton Road in Great Brington.  This is where he lived for many years,  next door to Mrs Harriett Alice Boulton and later Mrs
Boulton's eldest daughter Mrs Lois McBride.  (See Burial Register for year 1965) see also www.imagesofengland.org.uk. Welcome to Images of England.  Type Great Brington into search box and 8 of 20 depicts these particular cottages.   Mr. Hepton died 12 June, 1989 and his headstone can be found in the Triangular Plot, photo T.25.   Many of his colleages with whom he worked on the Althorp Estate are also interred is this same area.   A short distance from the East window of the Spencer Chapel can be found a maple tree with purple foliage and a plaque beside it is dedicated to Bert Hepton.

*    Lucy Elizabeth Threadgold lived at 8, The Pound in Great Brington.   Prior to this she had lived with her husband, Thomas George Threadgold#358 at Birchfield Farm.   Their headstone can be found in the Triangular Plot, photo T24.

*    Graham John Dix's Abode is shown as 164, Sherwood Avenue, Northampton.   He died on the 5th November, 1989.   His gravestone T23 is depicted on the Triangular Plot page.