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SURNAMEFirst Names AbodeWhen buriedAgeNotes
DIXPamela RoseGt. BringtonFebruary 27th46#301 * CR CP
REDLEYWilliam ThomasGt. BringtonMarch 27th68#302 * CR
JONESOwen MeurigGt. BringtonMarch 29th65#303 * T.8
MARSHReginald SilasGt. BringtonOctober 24th86#304 * T.9

# Denotes Entry Number in the Current Burial Register

CR   Cremated Remains

CP   Cremation Plot - Between the Main Pathway and South wall of the churchyard.

T     Triangular Plot - Between the Lych Gate and the East Gate.   Please note the reference "T.8" etc is not an official number, but purely an aid to identify the location of a known grave site on this Website.

*    Pamela Rose Dix lived at Yew Tree Lodge, Hamilton Lane, Great Brington.   This relatively new development lies to the rear of the former Almshouses.  She died on the 21st February, 1984 and her Ashes were interred in the Cremation Plot, a photograph of her memorial plaque can be found by clicking on "Plan of churchyard" then "Cremation Plot". C.10A

*    William Thomas Redley lived at 29, Great Brington.  His Cremated Remains were interred in the same grave as those of his Son, Martin #253 and Mother-in-Law, Emma Anderson #282.   This headstone is easily found.   It is situated on the Eastern boundary next to where the sandstone wall and the wooden fence join.

*    Owen Meurig Jones's lived at Great Brington, in a house called Bleachments (shortly to be re-named Wintersett), on the corner of Back Lane and Main Street on the road to Little Brington.   He died on the 24th March, 1984.  His grave T.8 is located near the pathway to the Lychgate in the Triangular Plot.  A photograph can be found of the headstone, which also bears the name of his wife Nora Meurig Jones, who died in 2004,  #380

*   Reginald Silas Marsh had lived  for all his long life in Great Brington.  At one time he lived with his wife Amy and childred Sheila and Keith, in a thatched cottage on the sharp bend of the Back Lane.   Nothing of which now remains.   For many years he had looked after horses at the Grange in Great Brington.   As a child I often went to visit Reg to have my unruly locks trimmed for the princely sum of sixpence.   In later life he moved to Number 51, Great Brington overlooking the War Memorial.  His grave is located near the Lychgate T.9 and the headstone also bears the name of of Amy Clara Marsh #311, who died in 1986.