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SurnameFirst namesAbodeWhen buriedAgeNotes
MANNINGSamuelGt. BringtonApril 4th79 years
THOMPSONJoseph MallardLt. BringtonMay 17th70 years
TARPLEYJosephNorthamptonJuly 11th81 years*
LEWISJamesLittle BringtonAugust 1st43 years**
HOLLANDEva KateLittle BringtonSeptember 18th45 years***
MIDDLETONMary ElizabethFloreOctober 13th71 years****
TAYLORWilliam HenryWellingboroughNovember 13th57 years*****
WORLEYEllen WrightBringtonNovember 28th72 years
JUDGEEllenBrixworthDecember 26th86 years******

*     Joseph Tarpley's "Abode" is shown as 137a Wellingborough Road, Northampton.

**    James Lewis' "Abode" is shown as Hillcrest, Lt. Brington. In the column "By whom the Ceremony was performed" is an interesting note - "Under Burial Laws Amendment Act, 1880.  W.C. Ward, 30 Wood Street, Northampton" (Undertakers)

***   Eva Kate Holland's "Abode" is shown as Washington Cottage, Little Brington.   This house had an interesting history.  It was built in 1606 by Robert Lord Spencer.  Above the front door was a stone tablet with an inscription "THE LORD GEVETH, THE LORD TAKETH AWAY. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD. CONSTRVCTA 1606".  This was thought to refer to the birth and tragic death of Gregory Washington.  For more than a hundred years visitors, many from the USA came to Little Brington to see "Washington House".   In 1956 the thatched roof was set alight by a spark from a steam-roller and the house remained roofless for nearly five years.  Eventually in 1960 consent was given for its demolition.  Today, 2009, this would never have been approved.   It would be a listed building due to its age and would have been restored to its former imposing state.  The only parts of the house remaining are the tablet referred to above and two mullioned windows, which have been incorporated in a building occcupying the former space.         In Great Brington,  an ancient cottage is now thought to have been the former home of the Washington family, but it bears no signs or name indicating its possible connection with the ancestors of the First President of the U.S.A.

****   Mary Elizabeth Middleton's "Abode" is shown as Flore Lodge, Flore.

*****  William Henry Taylor's "Abode" is shown as 43 Stanley Road, Wellingborough.

****** Ellen Judge's "Abode" is shown as The Infirmary, Brixworth.