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SurnameFirst NameAbodeBurial dateAgeNotes
WISEAnn GraceAlthorplst January56 years *
CROFTSMaryGt.Brington12th January55 years
RICHARDSONThomasLt.Brington20th January61 years
MARRIOTTSarahLt.Brington4th February67 years
MANNINGElizabethLt.Brington8th February4 yearsBurnt to death
MARRIOTTSamuelLt.Brington27th February72 yearsSuddenly
BULLMary AnnLt.Brington25th March20 yearsConsumption
ANDERSONHannahLt.Brington30th March63 years
STOWHannahGt.Brington10th April45 yearsCancer **
HEYGATERobertNobottle13th April52 yearsFarmer
DUNKLEYSarahLt.Brington19th May18 months
BRAMBLEYJohnLt.Brington22nd May76 years
MANNINGKatherineGt.Brington19th June61 years
MARRIOTTNathanielLong Buckby25th June87 years
ANDERSONElisabethGt.Brington10th July82 years
WRIGHTWilliamGt.Brington18th July1 year
CAMPIONJosephLt.Brington29th July32 yearsVery suddenly***
THOMPSONJosephLt.Brington12th August55 yearsApoplexy
BENSONRebeccaLt.Brington13th August78 years
DUNKLEYAnnGt.Brington15th September69 years
REDLEYJamesLt.Brington28th September37 years
WEBBAlfred HenryGt.Brington1st October6 months
ANDERSONEdwardGt.Brington24th October59 years
BOTTRILAnnLt.Brington26th October88 years
THOMPSONJohnGt.Brington1st November22 years
MANNINGSarahHarpole13th November23 years****
CHERRYJosephLt.Brington15th November72 years
LOWICKRichardBrington16th December19 years*****

*     Ann Grace Wise was Housekeeper to Frederick Earl Spencer KG at Althorp

**    Hannah Stow of Great Brington was buried on10th April 1853. John Stow  her husband was buried on 18th November, 1866 .     A small grave marker (approx. 1 foot high) inscribed with their initials only and years of death, has been propped against the outside wall below the East Window for many years.    A photograph of this stone may be found listed as Gravestone R.41.   By checking their initials against the Burial records, the mystery has been solved !    However, the actual whereabouts of their graves will never be known. 

***   Joseph Campion was the Baptist Minister in Little Brington.   As can be seen from the Burial Register, he died "very suddenly" at the age of 32.   The position was then occupied by Benjamin Davenport, who sadly died at the even earlier age of 29.  The reason of death, recorded in 1857,  is given as "Consumption"(T.B)  The headstones of both Ministers are adjacent in the centre section of the churchyard.   Photographs and details of the inscriptions will eventually be published.


****  Harpole is now a large village approximately 3 miles S.E. of Little Brington.

***** Richard Lowick's place of Abode is given as Brington Tythe.   At the moment I have not been able to trace the whereabouts of such a place or property.