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Surname  First names  Abode  Buried  Age  notes
ELLIOTTSusannahLt.Brington5th January75 years
CAPELJames JohnFlore13th January59 years
WORLEYSusannahLt.Brington25th February35 years
ACKLOMElisabethLeamington25th March75 years *
WEBBHenryGt.Brington2nd July10 years
STOWThomasGt.Brington1st August3 weeks
FAULKENERMaryGt.Brington2nd September54 years
WEBBJohn Gt.Brington30th Sep[tember22 years
REDLEYJohnLt.Brington2nd October94 years
BALDWINJaneGt.Brington2nd November74 years
MAINRuthNorthampton6th November26 years
HORNSBYSophieGt.Brington15th November49 years
BUTLINAnnGt.Brington16th November53 years
KENNINGWilliamLt.Brington20th November63 years
HAYNESElisabethLt.Brington11th December49 years

The following notes were added to the Burial Register

Elisabeth ACKLOM of Leamington, Warwickshire, widow of Richard ACKLOM Esq. of Wiseton Hall Nottinghamshire.

Extract of notes made by Mr.A.Morley when the Spencer Family Vault in Great Brington Church was opened on December 8th, 1903.  Present were The Rev.W.Martin (Rector), Messrs. Morley, J.W.Wykes (Churchwarden), M.H.Holding (Architect), Henry Lowick (Clerk)

"There is, on the higher tier of brickwork, where lie the coffins of the 3rd Earl Spencer and his wife Viscountess Althorp and their infant son ........ The coffins of the 3rd Earl Spencer (Reform Bill) d.1845, Viscountess Althorp his wife d. 1818 and the very small leaden coffin containing the stillborn body of their son, who died June 7th 1818."

"At the south end of tier is the coffin of Mrs. Acklom, who died in 1840.   She was the mother of the Viscountess Althorp, who died in 1818.   This evidently was a very handsome coffin, but it now (i.e.1904) shews signs of age".

An interesting footnote has been appended and reads as follows :-

"Samuel Butlin, died in 1904, 80 years old, related that he was an eye witness of this funeral, which took place at 8 a.m., only Lord Spencer and another gentleman being present.  He distinctly remembered the hearse with beautiful plumes and which came from the Bath Hotel, Leamington, being driven up the footpath between the Cross and the Churchyard wall".